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List of services

1. Designing works 

1.1. Designing of turbine equipment parameters measuring and control systems on Client’s technical requirements, modernization of the specified systems.
1.2. Carrying out of a set of experimental and design-theoretical researches for assessment of necessary scope of equipment to be replaced at carrying out of modernization and reconstruction of hydraulic equipment and also definition of remaining life of assemblies which are not subject to replacement.

2. Vibration-based diagnostics of hydrounits

2.1. Defining of vibration characteristics of supporting assemblies of hydrounit.
2.2. Defining of vibrodisplacements representative frequencies of hydrounit supporting assemblies, definition of shaft beat, amplitude-frequency analysis.
2.3. Assessment of hydrounit vibratory condition according to the current national and international standards.
2.4. Rotor dynamic balancing, rectification of electrical and mechanical disbalances.
2.5. Vibration tests of HPP’s pressure pipe lines and valves.

3. Commissioning works of:

3.1. Turbine and valve assemblies and mechanisms.
3.2. Turbine auxiliary equipment.
3.3. Hydromechanical part of turbine speed governor.

4. Verification nature tests

4.1. Carrying out of hydrounit energy and power characteristic research at full range opening of governing bodies in order to define permissible operation conditions. Defining of possibility of output expansion, as well as of possibility of expansion of operating conditions range.
4.2. Analysis of reasons causing deterioration of dynamic characteristics of turbines and their rectification.
4.3. Defining of power characteristics of governing bodies.
4.4. Research of transient processes (load relieves, startup and stopping optimization, optimization of the transfer to synchronous compensator mode) 
4.5. Defining of optimal gate-blade relationship of Kaplan turbines.
4.6. Defining of flow coefficient by relative method in order to specify turbine water flow.

5. Expert (consulting) services and service

5.1. Working out of requirements specification and technical requirements on hydraulic and governing equipment. Technical coordination and technical project management as Owner’s (Client’s engineer) at construction (modernization) of hydro power plants.
5.2. Issuing of expert reports and providing of recommendations on all questions concerning operation, service and repairs of hydraulic equipment.
5.3. Inspection of condition of hydraulic equipment, defining of the scope of works on reconstruction, modernization and rehabilitation of overage equipment.
5.4. Analysis of the manufacturer’s design documentation on hydraulic equipment, acceptance of the hydraulic equipment and valves at manufacturer’s plant.
5.5. Technical support at commissioning of control systems of hydrounits condition.
5.6. Rendering of consulting services at installation of equipment and at capital repairs.
5.7. Delivery of instrumentations and spare parts for turbines.